4 Bedroom Designs Based on Personality

No matter what kind of life you lead, you want a bedroom that reflects your personality. Try using this guide to choose decorating ideas that match who you are so you can feel comfortable in your home’s most restful room. Here are 4 bedroom designs based on your personality, whatever it may be.

4. You Have a Laid-back Personality

Key design elements: soft, comfortable, mellow

If you have a laid-back personality, you want to choose bedroom designs that emphasize your mellow nature. If you lived in the St. Louis area, for example, you’d look for soft sheets, thick pillows, and fluffy carpets from St Louis carpet companies.

Bedroom Designs

Since you’re really laid-back, you probably don’t spend a lot of time organizing your clothes. That’s fine. Instead of buying expensive furniture to organize your outfits, spend money on a nice stereo. That way, you can listen to cool tunes while you relax in bed with your pets and a good book.

3. You Have an Obsessive Compulsive Personality

Key design elements: organization

You don’t have to have an OCD diagnosis to know that you want things neat and orderly at all times. If you have a bit of an obsessive compulsive personality, you’ll want a bedroom design that helps you keep everything organized. Look for drawers that include baskets so you can separate white from colored socks. Buy organizational items for your closet so you can prevent wrinkles.

You should also get a small dust-buster for your bedroom. Not that you’d ever eat crackers in bed, but it’s good to have a vacuum nearby for when you spot dust bunnies.

2. You Have a Controlling Personality

Key design element: everything in its right place

If you have a controlling personality, then you can use technology to keep tight rein over your bedroom. The Clapper was once a great way for control freaks to turn lights on and off. Today, technology has moved way beyond that. Get lights that you can control with a smart phone app. Some even let you change the light’s color.

You can also take an old-school approach to keeping things organized, which will make you feel like you have more control. If you collect books, get enough shelving so you can organize them by author, title, or genre.

1. You Have a Chaotic Personality

Key design element: let things fall where they may

Some people thrive when they have control over every aspect of their lives. Other people prefer the opposite. They like a good dose of chaos to spark their creativity and keep them on their feet.

If you have a personality that loves chaos, bring some random elements into your bedroom. A fan with lightweight fabrics attached to it will create the illusion of blowing chaos at all times. You can also leave your clothes purposefully unorganized. Instead of pairing socks before putting them away, dump them all in the same drawer so you’ll have to search for mates, or decide that you want to wear two colors that day.

If your preference for chaos makes it hard to sleep, consider using a white noise machine that will create a room of numbing static for your mind.

What bedroom designs would suit your personality? Do you find that certain elements make you feel peaceful while others drive you mad?

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