Buying a home as an investment – Home improvement ideas which could make you money


For many middle class people, homes are their most important and largest investments. However, many people simply do not treat their homes as an investment. First of all, when buying a home it is important to start viewing the purchase an investment on the front end. Taking this view point will help add value in later years. For many people, buying a large home that has a couple areas of improvement is the sweet spot for adding the most value. When going to sell the home, professionally handcrafted kitchens and fitted bathrooms are the two most important rooms and these are prime locations to upgrade.

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There is a saying in real estate that kitchens sell the homes. One of the biggest improvement that can be completed in a kitchen is upgrading the counter space with a granite top. Not only do granite tops make the kitchen look much nicer, but the tops are also more convenient because both hot and cold pots and pans can be placed on them without hurting the area. One issue with the granite tops is the price. Upgrading a normal sized kitchen with these granite tops will be at least five thousand pounds, and in many cases much more. When treating a home as an investment, any upgrade that is completed needs to be thought of as an investment in the home. If putting in granite counter tops for ten thousand pounds will make the home sell for fifteen thousand pounds more, than it is a wise decision. You can search online or locally for a n expert to create a handmade kitchen that meets your needs.


Any focal point when looking at a home to buy or sell is the bathrooms. One of the most cost effective ways to upgrade a bathroom is to put in real stone floors in all of the bathrooms. For an average sized bathroom, this will only run about five hundred pounds per bathroom and this will really upgrade the look and feel of a bathroom. You can find a variety of bathroom fitters and plumbers at Better Home Solutions – an online directory of trades people that are individually hand picked by home improvement experts.

In addition to upgrading the stone floors, putting in upgraded sinks is another great cost effective way to change the look and feel of a bathroom. For less than a thousand pounds, all of the sinks in a bathroom can be changed out for ones that are nicer and go along with the theme of the bathroom. Overall, any investment that is made in the home must be thought of ahead of time, and the earlier this is done in the buying process the better.

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