Cool ideas of what you can do with a small place

If you are looking for inspiration on how to make the best use of your small room, then you might be overwhelmed by the amount of ideas which are out there. There are lots of practical solutions, to organise spare equipment which you have in your home, or if you need to have somewhere for visitors to stay, but also need to use your small space as other functions. Here are some cool ideas for your small space.

As more and more people are working from home then it is not surprising that there are so many office ideas out there to consider, when deciding how to get the most benefit from your small space. There are a number of office units cropping up these days, and lots of companies will design and make an office for you, in a creative way, which will compliment your room as well as being the most productive use of space. If you want to keep costs down then office furniture, which you assemble yourself, can be bought easily at big low cost furniture stores, or if you are a DIY expert then to build and fit a desk onto a wall is a relatively easy task, and you can find instructions online, and the materials you need at local DIY shops.

Day beds are fantastic in a small space, in the fact that they are duel purpose. The fact that day beds are one of Bedstar’s biggest sellers says that people are thinking creatively as to how make there small spaces as multipurpose as possible, due to the fact that day beds are not used as spare guest beds, but also as a seating area. Day beds can either come in metal or wood, but Bedstar find that their metal frames are the most popular. Some brands come with a trundle bed, which is stored underneath, and has pull out legs so that it can be made into a double bed for guests. The wooden day beds can be painted into any colour, or finish, so if you are a DIY enthusiast then you create a piece of furniture which will perfectly fit your décor. Instead of a trundle bed, an alternative are storage drawers, which fit perfectly underneath your day bed, and are also a fantastic use of space.

shelving for small spaces

There are so many options when considering shelving and creative shelving for small spaces can really add a lot to your room. Shelving comes in many different formats. Open shelving lets you creatively display books, pictures, plants, and ornaments. This can be done in a way which makes a statement to the room, adding a uniqueness. Shelving can be added anywhere in a room, with people putting shelves higher up in small rooms. If you want to store clothing or equipment which you necessarily do not want to display, then there are lots of ideas for shelving with doors and drawers, converting any small space into storage. Simple shelving can be constructed fairly easily, if you want ‘do it yourself,’ with shelve packs available a many local furniture and DIY stores.

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