Make Your Steel Building More Energy-Efficient by Topping it with Cool Roof

Energy efficiency is one of the key features of steel buildings. This is part of the reason they became a popular code-approved solution for constructing structurally sound buildings, ranging from agricultural and industrial applications to commercial and residential use.

There are many ways steel buildings exemplify their energy-saving quality. To start with, their production takes up little energy and uses recycled water which also makes them a green solution. Also, since their components are lightweight they are very easy to transport, requiring lesser deliveries, equating to reduction in fuel usage and less carbon emissions. Once built, they create a watertight envelope and they also allow for the installation of continuous insulation and ventilation. These things, of course, help prevent leak penetration and better air circulation indoors, thereby reducing too much reliance on HVAC use.

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If you own a steel building, it is likely that you are aware of your structures energy-saving capabilities. And by now, you are surely enjoying the benefit of reduced monthly energy costs. But, why stop there when you can further improve such excellent quality of your building by topping it off with a cool roof? SHS Roofing professionals say, “Roofs are also very expensive, usually costing thousands of dollars. Roofs should last at least a few decades, if not more. This makes selecting the right roofing product of the utmost importance.”

Cool roof in brief

Basically, a cool roof is a covering system that works just like a mirror. That is, instead of absorbing the heat coming from the sun, it simply reflects it back into the space, thereby keeping the temperature of the roof surface lower and thus reducing the amount of heat that is transferred indoors. The coolness level of a roof is largely determined by two properties: solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both factors are gauged on a scale of zero to one, with one having the highest reflective or emissive quality.

Why cool roof is a perfect fit for your steel building

There are a number of reasons why a cool roof is a desirable system to install on your steel building. The primary benefit being that it can afford you significant savings on your buildings energy bills by decreasing its energy needs.

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Unlike conventional roofs whose dark surfaces absorb 90 percent or more of incoming solar energy which contributes to higher heat flow indoors, causing your air conditioning system to work harder, a cool roof absorbs less than 50 percent of the suns energy which equates to cooler temperature indoors and lesser aid conditioning use. In the case of a non-air conditioned steel building, this type of roofing can also significantly improve thermal comfort.

Apart from significant energy savings, adding a cool roof on your steel building is also a good step you can take toward helping the environment, while at the same time enjoying rebates and incentives from different agencies. This is because this form of roofing system can reduce local air temperatures, resulting to improved air quality and smog formation; reduces peak electric power demand, preventing the likelihood of power outages; and reduces heat trapped in the atmosphere by reflecting sunlight back to space, which can slow down the effects of climate change. These capabilities are recognized by many utility companies and agencies, so they provide rebates and incentives to building owners who utilize cool roofs.

Of course, do not forget the aesthetic value that a cool roof can give to your steel building. Contrary to what many believe that cool roofs are plain-looking, they are actually available in a wide variety of colours and styles, thereby allowing you to pick one that perfectly suits the appearance of your steel building. Other than that, you have the option to improve its appearance and function by adding a roof coating onto it.
As you can see, there is more to cool roofing than improving your steel buildings energy efficiency. By opting to use it as your structures main covering system, you can also enjoy a roof that will last the life of the building while improving its aesthetics as well.

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