Top 5 DIY activities to keep you active this winter

Winter is the perfect time to tackle those nagging DIY tasks you haven’t gotten around to starting. The days start getting shorter, the weather gets frostier, and the last thing you feel like doing is challenging the cold climates time outside. So, make your hibernation at home productive with the following top 5 DIY activities to keep you active this winter:

Paint a statement floor

Don’t let the winter months darken your home this season. Pick up a can of hardwearing floor paint in a statement colour- perfect for wooden floors – and get down to business. A statement floor, is a quick and easy project that delivers a significant impact to any room. It’s durable and easy to clean so it will stand up against pets and even the messiest of kids.

Swap out door handles

Sometimes the smallest jobs can make the biggest difference. Why not pick out new hardware for your doors and spend an afternoon switching your old, tired door knobs for some fresh new ones. With so many styles to pick from you can change your tired door into a glamourous passage way with a simple door fixture.

Switch your sockets

Stay in touch this winter and give your electricity sockets a digital update and swap them for the state of sockets that support USB charging. With many devices dependent on wires these days, this quick upgrade will make searching for your phone a thing of the past.

Turn your lights down low

Set the mood this winter with a dimmer switch. Create the perfect ambience for romantic meals or make the perfect movie-watching atmosphere. When the nights get darker as winter draws near you can gradually lift the amount of light in your home comfortably with a dimmer.

Install underfloor heating

Keep your loved one’s toasty with this ultimate winter activity. Add some cozy luxury to your home by adding underfloor heating that will keep toes snug with or without slippers. With suppliers such as BUILT/ stocking a wide range electric and water kits, it’s never been easier to choose the heat vehicle that suits your home best.

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